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What is this game? Which are the characteristics?

  • This SUDOKU game has
    1. a grid of 81 fields with 9 rows and 9 columns divided in 9 shapes and
    2. 9 sign symbols.
  • In the here presented Computer Aided Sudoku Game (SdkGame) the shapes are squares and the sign symbols numbers. For the playing some fields have numbers. They are the initial values.
  • The game is terminated
    1. if each field has a number and
    2. each row, each column and each square has all the 9 numbers.
  • During the game the cursor helps to choose a field, the keyboard to put a number into the field or erase it from them. Also, the game is absolutely similar to the game with paper, pencil and eraser.
  • But the SdkGame has some Options and Utilities, they help the player to save the game after each step, to visualise step history eventual with additive information, to analyse a field, to search admissible values, to go back to an arbitrary chosen field.

Whom is it advantageous for?

For the Rookie

  • The game history and the search utilities allow an ease entry in the game.
  • To distinguish between thinking in field and thinking in value is not always a trivial thing: Someone can put a value into a field, but a field does not exist for a number which was until now not used concerning a row or a column or a square. The SdkGame is a useful means for them.
  • The list of game steps with the additive information allows recapitulates the correctness the player's memory. Also, it is recommendable for memory training.

For the Interested

  • In general, the game stimulates the combination capability and is very good for memory training
  • When playing SUDOKU the player might have to choose among two or more possibilities whithout being sure that his/her choice is a good one. A couple of steps later a contradiction may arise. In this case the player should be able to go back step by step and rub out the values filled in.

For the expert

  • In some cases there are more than one solution. To find all possible solutions is not an easy task. SdkGame features - if used - support the player in these cases.
  • If someone searched and found one admissible value using the utility, he/she can easier find an explanation. But if he could not find a reasonable answer, he can download in the next future a new version of SdkGame, which can verbally give out the correct answer.

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Author / License provider

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The author and license provider however is
Dr. A. Peter Krasznai